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Ian (NYC)

Well, I posted on the Health Blog after I'd had success with your "1 2 3 Easy Weight Loss" and I can assure anybody my body is gradually rebuilding itself. That darned saggy skin takes a while to tighten up. Anyhow, I just finished reading the novel "That Man from Nebraska". A great read and now I think I understand our (U.S.A.) electoral process a little better. It's a pity we're still stuck with having to vote for the "least worst option"! But I'm going to buy "According to Grace" and relax in my hammock for a quiet read.

Book Releases

By August, 2018, all publications, both Health and Novels will be available direct from Lulu.com as a PDF or an EPUB or via the link on the Preview Page of each book. All major book sellers offer all of my books as an EPUB.