123 Easy Weight-Loss: How to Rebuild Your Body, Better! - Preview

 With the current epidemic of morbid obesity rampant in North America I’m pleased to be able to share in this brief e-book, the basics of a simple plan that anybody can use to attain a comfortable weight and a healthy body-fat level.

Whether you have ten pounds or one hundred pounds to lose, the permanent solution to your weight-loss problem is within the following pages. Read on! 

How Will This Work? Does there exist a magic phrase, potion, pill or formula where you don’t need to actually do anything so as to lose excess weight and rebuild your body better and stronger than before? No! And if somebody suggests there is, walk away, quickly. 

And, just reading what I’m offering here is not enough. Once you’ve read this e-book and understand why change is necessary, then change will be easier. But unless you’re prepared to change something, nothing else can change. Keep doing what you’re already doing and things can only get worse.

There are probably specific practices in your current lifestyle that have caused the over-accumulation of body-fat and the attendant poor health. Those practices will need to be corrected in order to eliminate excess stored body-fat and attain better health, permanently. Eating for health requires change and change can seem uncomfortable, but when you’ve finished reading what follows, own it and do it! The effort truly will be worth-while. I freely offer my services to clarify any of the information and support you in your efforts. Each of the suggested corrections is termed a “Layer of Change” with each layer being easy to adopt. Implement just one layer of change each week over the next few months and you can expect to experience some dramatic health benefits.

There’s no need to worry about counting calories, weighing your food or joining a gym! All of the information you are about to read is safe, effective and easy to implement. I’ll explain why each of the Layers of Change is necessary. Once you understand what causes obesity and poor health you’ll know which-ever layers you need or feel comfortable with as part of your future lifestyle. But, even if you only start with one or two layers and work through this book, when the information makes sense and you see positive results you’ll no doubt add more layers to your health plan and your progress will accelerate. It’s important to know that you don’t need to be as skinny as a rake or boney. You do need to maintain a healthy body-fat level so that there aren’t ugly gobs of fat flopping around under your skin or wrapping around your intestines, solidifying and pumping poison into your heart. You don’t need to develop rippling, bulging muscles but you do need firm skin with toned, functional muscle underneath.   You’ll find your solutions in this e-book. Let’s get started!   

So, Why Am I Overweight? The reasons people become overweight and obese are easy to pinpoint: poor diet with addiction to “non-foods”, lack of sleep, insufficient physical activity and uncontrolled stress. Those four are easily addressed and remedied by the person affected. We’ll cover them completely in this book. 

However, genetics and hormonal imbalance, while complicated to identify, are more likely to be easy excuses so as to avoid any effort to lose the accumulated body-fat. Both of those can often be resolved by remedying the first four causes. A fat child with fat parents will usually blame “genetics”, but in fact if the parents’ diet and lifestyle made them obese and they inflict those same practices on their children then it’s easy to wrongly assume that genetics is the culprit. And once a physician diagnoses a thyroid problem, hands are thrown up with the exclamation: Well, that’s it! A hormone problem so I’m doomed to stay fat. Not so, and that will be specifically addressed within these pages. Books, theories and opinions on how to lose “weight” abound, most of which are ridiculous and impossible to stick to for any length of time. While there are many possibilities that can contribute to weight-gain there are only a few things to heed in order to lose excess body-fat and become lean and healthy for the rest of your life. And that should be our goal.

The process involved in weight-gain and weight-loss is relatively simple to explain but to shed stored body-fat, drop a couple of sizes and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life requires a good understanding of the causes followed by personal dedication to eliminate them.

Learn all you'll ever need to know about how to reach your healthy weight and body-fat % .

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