60+ But Fit and Sexy!


The title says it all but I’d like to begin this dialogue by asking you a personal question:

How many times in your life have you wondered, or actually asked yourself, “How much longer might I have to live?” When we lose loved ones and friends your own age are dying all around you or you’ve been placed in any mortal situation that question inevitably arises.

If you’ve made it to sixty years of age and feel that all you can do now is count off the days until you’re kicking up daisies, then it’s time to realistically reassess your situation. Why not plan on enjoying at least another twenty-five “active” years?

You can and it’s a lot easier than you might imagine. You don’t need a gym membership or a personal trainer. There’s no need for weight-loss clubs and their calorie-counting cardboard food. All you need to know is contained in this little manual with personal guidance available.

I mentioned that this would be a dialogue and I mean just that. Any questions that arise as you work through this life-saving manual I’ll be happy to answer if you just send me an e-mail at: luigik123@yahoo.com

In my younger days I was a Special Forces Officer preparing troops for the VietNam debacle and was in the best physical shape any human being could ever hope to be in. For ten years after leaving the Army I maintained my fitness level wondering if some National emergency might arise and I’d be recalled. But when I hit sixty and had done everything on my bucket list, I seriously pondered on the above question. What next? When? How?

All of my school friends had died of one disease or another. My father, lost in an Alzheimer’s fog, hung on in a palliative care centre for fifteen years until he succumbed at the age of eight-one; my mother outlived him by twenty years so I figured the genes were probably on my side until I had chest pains, blurred vision and difficulty breathing. My doctor informed me that I’d had a heart attack “some time ago”. But the only time I’d experienced any of the normal symptoms of a heart attack was when I was twenty-five years of age which I simply dismissed as fatigue, . . . a Special Forces Operative in great physical shape having a heart attack? How had I survived to sixty? 

So we never know when the scythe will reap or what the trigger will be.

Admittedly, after I turned fifty-five I had fallen prey to the easy foods and my only exercise was a weekly round of golf using a golf cart. Life was easy and I knew I was simply counting the days and swallowing the pills . . .

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a few simple exercises anybody can do and with a corrected daily diet and eating habits your life-span can definitely be enjoyably prolonged. If you’ve never exercised in your life you can do the exercises outlined in this manual. They may save your life and they’ll definitely improve it. Should you have a disability of any sort and feel the exercises are a challenge, e-mail me and we can modify them to suit your situation. Remember this is to be a dialogue.