Who is Luigi?

I could only describe myself as a life-long Nomadic scribbler. Always pages of notes everywhere! During my youth I contributed to several international Fitness and Music magazines.

I covered all of Australia, New Zealand and parts of New Guinea and Indonesia as a writer, as well as being a musician and soldier. Some strange time-lines in that lot.

I grew up under the iron fist of a violent when drunk, father and an enabling mother. Because she thought having a son who might one day become a bank manager (which in her mind, would elevate her status in the community) my work-life started in a bank. I thought I wanted to study law, so as soon as the opportunity arose, I quit the bank and spent five years "reading the Law". I knew half-way through my second year that I'd made a mistake, but stuck it out until the Vietnam war and joined the Army.

After Boot Camp, I was sent to the Australian Army's most prestigious Military Band where I played percussion and was the marimba soloist. The Army decided I might be of greater value doing other things for them so I ended up as an Officer in the Special Air Service Regiment, which is Australia's elite Special Forces Unit. There, I taught fitness, stealth, endurance and how to be an effective enemy living in the jungle like a dog . . . as well as burying a lot of good men throughout the Vietnam War. My code name was "The Ghost who Walks."

Following my requested discharge from the Military I went on the road with a famous Rock Group and had my fifteen minutes of adulation. But, with a growing family at home, I quit the road and we moved to an island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef where we lived in Nature (cyclones and all!)

But, schooling was a problem in the middle of the Coral Sea, so we moved back to the mainland where

we started a music shop/instrument repair facility and Life seemed sweet. However, the Nomadic wanderlust hit so I migrated to the U.S.A. where I owned and operated a very successful Fitness and Weight-Loss Studio. I taught all I'd learned over the years about weight-loss and fitness until I injured my shoulder. Unable to operate the Studio, I sold it and travelled throughout the U.S.A., Mexico and Central America. During rehabilitation and travel, I gained a lot of extra body-fat. When I eventually woke up to myself, I put my dormant knowledge to good use and within about six months dropped 20kg and reached my best fighting weight ever.

I've been writing multi-genre Novels as well as Fitness/Self-Help tomes for decades, all based on my personal Nomadic experiences, backed up by cutting-edge research.

A widower, I have three beautiful daughters all a lot smarter than I.

So, if there's anything I can help you with in the fitness and weight-loss arena or to kick back and relax with a book and a beverage, I could be your man.

Any questions you might have will receive a prompt reply from: luigik123@yahoo.com

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