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Super Summer Snack - 2018

For a healthy and tasty summer snack, blend your favorite fruit (papaya, cranberries, mango etc) with some powdered chocolate (optional) and sugar free yoghurt then freeze in an ice tray. Four or five frozen cubes will satisfy most snack urges.


Your Heart and Slow Breathing

An important point to consider as you pass the 25-year mark and on, is how your breathing rate affects your heart-health. After 60 years of age, it’s a critical consideration.

As we all know, every cell in our bodies needs oxygen to thrive.

However, if your breathing rate is more than 15 breaths per minute (Br/m) you may be depriving parts of your body of oxygen so preventing the cells from recycling, regenerating and optimizing.

Yes, your body can recycle and regenerate every one of its several trillion cells and if nutrition is adequate, the regenerated cells can be stronger and create more energy than they could previously. Half of the world's population suffers from hypertension which leads to heart disease, kidney mal-function and rapid deterioration of your  health.

While lying in bed, calm and relaxed, feel your heart beat. The wrist and the outside of the knee are points where the pulse is strong and if you feel with your thumb, which also has a pulse, you’re sure to find a strong beat.

The aim is to bring your breathing rate down to 6 gentle breaths per minute or less. If you were being observed it would seem that you weren’t breathing at all. But don’t rush it. Count two heart beats as you gently inhale and try for three on the gentle exhale. But, if you exhale the last count forcefully, after about three breaths you’ll find your lung capacity can now easily inhale over three beats and your exhale may last for five beats. 

As a form of beneficial exercise, always use your diaphragm to start an inhalation and your abdominal muscles to collapse your belly and push the air out of your lungs on the last count.

So, three beats for the inhale and five for the exhale is eight beats per breath or seven and a-bit-breaths per minute. Good.

If you practice this technique while walking in a quiet neighborhood you might try counting with the left foot so that the right foot is “and”. “Try one and two and” for the inhale and the exhale until things feel comfortable then extend the exhale to “one and two and three and”. After a few minutes, extend both the inhale and the exhale by another count each.

If you get out of breath, back off to whatever is comfortable and after a few minutes try again.

The ultimate aim while walking or in bed is to achieve a four count/beat inhale and a six count/beat exhale. That equals six breaths per minute which is the “coherence phase” whereby the heart, the blood-flow, the brain, the lungs and your diaphragm are functioning optimally and without stress. They’re all coordinated to a natural rhythm. Five beats for the inhale and seven for the exhale yields five breaths per minute. Excellent! Try various combinations. After a workout, the 4:6 ratio is ideal to oxygenate your body and relax your heart.


When you inhale, blood is directed from the heart into the lungs for oxygenation and the heart has to work a little harder to maintain its normal blood-flow. But when you exhale, the oxygen-rich blood flows back to the heart so allowing it to relax and slow down a little.

The longer the inhalation the more oxygen rich the blood will be, and with a matching exhalation the more efficiently your circulation will become. 

You might check out my "Breathe Naturally, and Lose the Fat".

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16 08 2017 - From Mr. Pedro

  Hi Luigi, I had a hard time getting started as I never ate breakfast in my life. I re-read the book, made my plan and after just a week, my energy level has surged. Nothing else has changed, same job, same work stress but eating your way has made all the difference in how I feel! The last diet I was on I lost 90 pounds eating only their candy bars and drinking their powdered shakes. Torture! I’d regained 70 pounds when I got your book. I don’t want to weigh myself but

before my clothes were too tight, now they’re starting to hang so I know the program is working. When I need to buy new trousers then I’ll look at the scales and even do a body-fat % test. I’m reading the section on walking for exercise and now it’s no longer a painful struggle, so I park a mile from work and walk the rest of the way and I enjoy every step. I can never thank you enough. 

Pedro (SFO)

Incredible!  03 09 2017 - Donna

Luigi, I’m sure you saved my life. As a busy hairdresser I’d been working 18 hours a day seven days a week. The money was great but I had no life. My husband had left me and I consoled myself with donuts and coffee. Every morning I’d buy a dozen donuts and the largest coffee on the way to my salon. When I ran out, I had a delivery of more donuts and coffee. That’s all I ate for at least 2 years. I had hit 360 pounds when a friend read your book to me while I cut hair. I had to sit on a high stool to work as my legs couldn’t support my weight. I had no neck and had fat hanging off me like bags of water flopping around if I moved. My belly flab hung down to my knees and my breasts hung down to where my belly should have been. Don’t even ask about the backs of my arms or thighs. When my friend finished reading your book to me I scoffed, “Who has time to do all of that?” She said, “We are going to do all of that!”

I closed my studio on Sundays and my daughter and I pre-packaged our week’s meals. I’d walk as far as I could which was limited by knowing I could make it back home. Maybe 200 yards! 

I didn’t set a weight goal because I really didn’t think it was possible. But the first 60 pounds almost fell off and everybody was amazed. I’m at just under 200 pounds and things are moving slowly but consistently. I’m 5’10” tall, so now my goal is to reach 170 pounds by Christmas. Looking back, I cannot believe the condition I was in. I can stand up to cut hair and have restricted my hours from 8 to 8 with Tuesdays and Sundays off. I hope one day to meet you and give you a non-squishy bear hug! 

With Love, Donna - Missouri     

Arrived 20 09 2017 - Ian 

You should have charged me ten times the price of the weight loss book! My monthly food bill is down by more than 50%. I must have been eating like a pig. Snacking all the time and yes, I was one of those you mentioned, still eating while getting into bed.

I'm the leanest and the fittest I've ever been in my whole life yet I never feel urgently hungry.

So, taking your good counsel, I'll have my glass of red wine and a couple of squares of 80% dark chocolate each afternoon and because I love your writing style I'll read a few pages of one of your novels. I'll pick one and when I'm done expect to see my review on the Books Blog.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks

Ian N.Y.