Breathe Naturally, Lose the Fat And STOP Snoring! - Preview:

  What if . . .  Unknowingly, you made the same mistake 1,000 times and nobody told you . . . 

Then, when you discovered your perpetual error, how would you feel?  

But, what if you made that same error 1,000 times every hour of every day for the rest of your life?


Yes, you take about 25,000 breaths every day and there are two ways of breathing: The Right Way (Nature’s Way!) which burns body-fat with every breath, OR The wrong way which starts in puberty, stores body-fat and contributes to:

Heart Disease 

Poor Circulation

Digestive problems
Bowel elimination difficulties and so much more! 

You have to breathe, right? So why not correct any bad habits you may have accidentally developed and learn to breathe correctly which will contribute to the burning of stored body-fat and eliminate snoring?    


Breathing, as with walking, is not something we think too much about yet many of the world’s chronic, poor health conditions are due to shallow breathing and an inefficient walking gait. But let’s focus on breathing.

Try this please: Take the biggest breath you possibly can. Fill up your lungs and note what happens with your body.

Good. Did you tuck in your tummy, expand your chest fully and feel your shoulders rise up? 

Breathing must be important, no? . . . it’s the first thing we do at birth and the last thing we’ll do at death. But, does it really matter how a person breathes?

How you breathe affects the state of your health (1) and determines how much time there’ll be between the beginning and the end of your life.

Just in the United States of America alone, due to faulty breathing, 30% of the population has been diagnosed with hypertension (chronic high blood pressure) while another 30% has pre-hypertension (2) . In 2019 more than 2,000 people die every day as a result of the cumulative effects of hypertension. Only ten percent of them (200 people) had been diagnosed with a specific cause or result of their hypertension, which is usually from an endocrine disorder. What’s going on with the other ninety percent (1,800 people daily)? During the dying process, their hypertension is passed off as being due to “non-specific life-style and genetic factors”. Nobody enlightened them as to why they were dying; none of their loved ones and friends understood why or were warned that they too might be affected.

In North America, fifty percent of the population (244,000,000 people) have some form of heart disease which began with hypertension. What about the rest of the civilized/industrialized world? Those numbers are astronomical and they are understood by the governments but are ignored due to the coercion of the wealthy giant drug corporations. After all, breathing correctly to improve the blood’s circulation is free . . . no profit there, let’s just make a pill! But breathing efficiently is also a more effective preventive than any of the drugs pushed on us by the drug manufacturers and the lapdog medical profession.

Most of those people making up the above statistics are also either overweight or obese. A large number, if not the majority, suffer from snoring or sleep apnea. The goal of this eBook is to reveal how to breathe correctly in order to lose body-fat and eliminate the cause of snoring. If you snore and believe you’re not overweight, it’s quite possible that you have insufficient muscle and excess body-fat, particularly in and around the throat contributing to your problems, particularly snoring.


Breathing is normally “autonomic” (involuntary) where you don’t consciously think about it and the brain and nervous system set its rate. The body’s autonomic nervous system subconsciously takes care of your breathing until you deliberately intercept it. But you can hold your breath, take a big breath to blow out a candle and breathe rapidly or slowly for whatever reason. You can hold your breath while you drink a glass of water; while you swim underwater, while you recite a long line of poetry or sing. 

Similarly, you don’t need to tell your heart when to pump, for your mouth to inject saliva as you chew, for your throat’s two-way valve, the epiglottis, to determine when to open so food can be swallowed into the stomach or for air to flow into the lungs. You cannot consciously stop your heart from beating, although a fright may cause it to beat faster or skip a beat and make you pant a little. Those are the body’s “autonomic” responses to any life-situation.

A bright flash of light can cause the pupils of your eyes to dilate autonomically (involuntarily). While your eyelids blink autonomically to keep your eyes moist, you can control them somatically (voluntarily) as well. You can volunteer a fake smile but you cannot somatically fake a zygomatic smile. That type of smile can only occur autonomically as in the case of when an aging mother first sees her long-absent child returning from a war, or when a lover sees his or her partner unexpectedly emerge from a sea of unfamiliar faces. That smile, where the eyes flash and the face lights up, cannot be faked or produced “consciously”. 

Due to the sedentary life-style Man has been induced to adopt, we have no urgent need for deep breaths or powerful walking (which also induces deeper breathing!) and so the body-system suffers. Shallow, non-diaphragmatic, upper chest inhalation has resulted and is termed “backwards breathing”!

So, based upon how Man once walked and breathed and how today, due to our modern life-style, we do very little of either, better breathing would seem to be the answer to prevent and treat hypertension and all of the related modern diseases!

Have you ever really thought about “breathing” as an action, at all? The body’s autonomic nervous system takes care of your breathing until you voluntarily intercept it. When you are subjected to stress or fear, the autonomic nervous system takes control. It rapidly prepares your body to flee from danger or to stay and fight, or to freeze if the danger might be avoided simply by not moving. In all three cases, flight, fight or freeze, the autonomic nervous system quickly readies your body by making your heart beat faster, tightening your abdominal muscles, creating short, rapid, forced breathing through the nose which primes your brain with oxygen and expands your chest so your lungs can increase their rate of inhalation.

And as soon as that shallow, panting, “vertical” or “backwards” breathing begins, the autonomic nervous system demands glucose to fuel your body’s subsequent actions for your preservation. It shuts down the use of fat for fuel and stores any fat in the blood-stream as body-fat. Those are the autonomic responses to any form of stress.

But back to the question posed at the beginning: Did you tuck in your tummy, expand your chest and feel your shoulders rise up? Did it make you a little dizzy? Well, if so, it’s my sad duty to inform you that you failed at normal, natural breathing. That sequence in the question above is what’s induced autonomically by any form of stress: fear, sudden loud noises, driving in congested traffic, a heated argument, anger, being late for an appointment, boredom, anxiety, depression, sorrow, sadness, loneliness or frustration.

Our lives are filled with so much unrecognized stress!

All of those stressors result in shallow, “vertical breathing” into the upper chest as was described in that question. 


If you look forward to a breakfast consisting of such things as: cereal with sugar, donuts, toast and jam, latte, Coke, candy, then you’re suffering from the effects of unrecognized stress caused by your self-imposed, backwards stress-breathing. The only other possibility is that you’re addicted to sugar. 

Well, to breathe as though you were under constant attack when you’re just reading a book or lounging on the beach, creates the damaging effects of excess cortisol running wildly out of control in the blood-stream which progressively damages your heart, effortlessly.

However, by consciously controlling your breathing (somatically), you can normalize your heart’s autonomic functioning and relieve the strain placed on it by years of past, faulty breathing and walking. You can give your heart and circulatory system a chance to start the process of recovery. 

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