Return to Belize - Preview

Blair Stuart, a recent college graduate, decides to return from the United States of America to the place of his birth, tiny Belize. Knowing nothing of the country or his heritage he inadvertently meets his indigenous cousin, the stunning Contessa Lacinda. Hostile to his presence, she demands to know if Blair's grandfather passed on the map to the location of the legendary treasure hidden by their mutual, Buccaneer ancestor from several centuries past.

Forming an unfriendly alliance they set off to follow the map into bandit-controlled Guatemala in an effort to locate the cache of Pirate plunder. Another cousin, Andrew, a corrupt government official, becomes aware of their plan and plots to thwart their efforts and claim the treasure for himself.

A few paragraphs from Chapter One: A New Cousin

Struggling with the unaccustomed humidity, Blair lay on the bed, stark naked, unable to fall asleep. The mugginess was so oppressively thick that even the act of breathing was an effort. The open window helped not at all and, barely creating a breeze, the overhead fan spun slowly, creaking softly on each revolution. 

Sleep was just about to overcome him when he was sure he detected a sound, a click, at the door. He opened his eyes and listened. After a moment of silence, he figured his tiredness had triggered his imagination, but then slowly and soundlessly the door to his room opened. A shaft of light from the hallway accompanied by the distant sound of a motor entered momentarily.

Then, haloed by the hall light, the blurred outline of a human form stepped swiftly into the room, closed the door silently and glided across the room towards the open window, almost disappearing into the darkness. But for that slight clicking of the doorknob as it turned, the intruder’s presence would certainly have passed unnoticed. Alert now, Blair controlled his breathing as though he were asleep, but his eyes, accustomed to the darkness, steadily followed the trespasser’s stealthy passage from table to closet to the single chair against the wall. He concluded that it had to be a thief, apparently searching for easy pickings – a wallet, a watch, or a suitcase to rifle. Bewildered by the lack of luggage, the thief’s frustration could almost be sensed as nimble fingers anxiously searched chair backs and table tops while probing eyes feverishly scanned the room.   

Earlier in the evening Blair had slid his rucksack under the bed; he was aware of Belize’s high rate of petty theft, but never anticipated such blatant audacity so soon. When the uninvited visitor lifted Blair’s khaki cargo shorts from the chair over which they were draped and began carefully rummaging through the pockets, Blair calmly whispered, “Can I help you with something?” and flicked on the bedside light. Both occupants of the room were momentarily blinded. Blair rolled off the bed and stood in front of the door, barring any exit and turned on the main room light. The intruder, hooded and clad in a black, skin-tight cat-suit was smaller than Blair had imagined and a lot shapelier too. The boyish figure with firm, rounded breasts had crouched beside the chair and while trying not to look directly at her intended victim’s nakedness, slowly began to edge backwards towards the window.

“Don’t be stupid,” Blair admonished. “This is the third floor. We’re too high up for you to jump!”  

A beautiful tale of danger, suspense, intrigue and romance as they negotiate the jungles of Central America in search of the legendary treasure-trove. During their perilous adventure they stumble upon the ruins of an Ancient Mayan city where their cousin Andrew lays in wait determined to kill them after Blair and Contessa uncover the treasure's location.

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