Star Children

This is my first venture into Fantasy Fiction.

After beginning the writing process based on a fleeting idea, I gave pause to consider as to which genre it might fit into. And, after much thought and comparison of what's out there, Fantasy Fiction was the only genre suitable. It's also marked "not for minors" and purchasers must be at least 18 years old.

It deals a lot with how Extra-Terrestrials might view Man's stewardship of his planet and treatment of his/her fellow Man. It highlights a lot of things which desperately need individual and governmental intervention.

I found the process exhilarating and am considering making it a series. 

Here's the foreword:

Many people on this planet, Earth, claim to have witnessed the aerial phenomena of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) while a significant number of them claim to have been abducted and had experiments performed on their bodies by Extra-Terrestrial Beings.

However, the majority of Earthlings doubt the validity of such claims. And, despite unshakable evidence to the contrary, the governments of the world deny having ever had any contact with Other-Worldly, alien creatures.

But what if the naysayers are wrong and the deniers are liars? Do the majority of Earthlings really believe that we are the only inhabitants of this vast, beyond-comprehension Universe? That it’s impossible for life to exist in far distant, un-seeable, undiscovered galaxies?

Well, what if . . .

And that's where the tale begins.

Available as an EPUB or PDF.